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Pre-Placement Medicals

A pre-placement medical examination can assist in identifying issues that may impact work performance and assist employers in placing  employees’ in an occupational environment adapted to their physiological and psychological capacity.  The goal of the pre-employment examination is to determine whether an individual is fit to perform his or her job without risk to himself or others.  Our medical examiner will complete a physical examination, health assessment questionnaire and provide medical testing  when required.

Phlebotomy for Designated Substances (Lead, Mercury, etc.) and Pulmonary Function Tests

Medical Surveillance Medicals (Designated Substances/PFT) When using designated substances in a workplace, employers are required by law, legislated by the Occupational Health & Safety Act,  to conduct employee medicals  and/or medical testing to determine an employee’s level of fitness to complete the required work. Medical exams may include Pulmonary Function testing (PFT), phlebotomy and other medical testing dependent on the designated substance

Wellness Programs

Workplace Wellness

By investing in your employee’s health and wellness you are securing a future workforce and providing a competitive edge over your competitors.  We offer on site biometric testing clinics, Health and Wellness Lunch and Learns and a 10 week W2W, Wellness 2 Work program.  Our Health Professionals provide health information in a relaxed, friendly and supportive atmosphere.  We provide programs that are compatible with your workforce needs taking into account benefit usage and employee demographics such as gender and age.

Ergonomic Assessments

Office Ergonomic Assessments

Our ergonomic assessments are completed by our Kinesiologist(s) who will identify the risk factors associated with job demands, workstation set up and working behaviors.  Strategic education is provided to the individual employee on how to use their workstation properly and how to manage discomfort when it arises. Once the assessment is complete a report is provided that outlines the risk factors, recommended control measures and guidelines on how to improve performance, productivity and physical well being while on the job.

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