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Safety Management

Workplace Accident / Incident Investigation

Workplace Accident / Incident Investigation is a service   we provide to assist clients with understanding all contributing factors and the root cause as to why the accident or incident  occurred in the first place. Only by understanding these issues can recommendations be provided allowing the workplace to implement corrective action to avoid  recurrence in the future. Near miss incidents or minor incidents are a proactive change to correct issues within the workplace before they escalate to undesired situations.

3rd Party Safety Audits

Allow our experienced auditors to review your health and safety management system to determine if there are any gaps that may be existing . The identification of these gaps will decrease the likelihood of potential for injury allowing a company to demonstrate continuous improvement by providing recommendations for opportunities to strengthen your health and safety program.

Workplace Hazard Assessments

Identifying the hazards within your workplace is the first step to an effective risk assessment program. Once hazards are identified, then the potential, likelihood and severity can be discovered allowing companies the opportunity to close all gaps within their health and safety program. The documentation of this process will show the highest level of due diligence in a court of law. Hazards can be ranked according to the level of risk which will give direction to the priorities companies should be focusing on.

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